Writing about ones self is not a easy task to do…so I will try my best!  I am one of those people who is extremely shy when you first meet me, but once I warm up look out!  One of my passions in life is photography and capturing those precious moments that one can look back at years from now and still smile!

Now more about me….I’m…

A MOM ~ To 3 beautiful children – My daughter who is 15, my son who is 12 and my stepdaughter who is 8…they are each unique individuals who bring me laughter, joy and smile each and every day!

A WIFE ~ I am one of those lucky gals who married their soul mate and has an incredible husband!

A PET OWNER ~ of course we can’t forget about our lil critters.  Also part of our family is Diesel the Beagle and Daisey the Golden Lab

THE THINGS I LOVE ~ the smell of autumn, going to the lake in the summer, my blackberry, a good cup of java, sitting by the campfire..and the list could go on and on! But most of all I love what I do ~ I love being able to capture the smiles, the love and the memories of every day people that they can hold on to for a lifetime.


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